Long Covid HQ is a centralized research hub, built to consolidate the deluge of Long Covid research being generated and act as a gathering place where this research can be discussed by the LC research community.  Each page is maintained by an expert editor for the given topic of that page, but the general public can request the inclusion of a given paper, video, or other Long-covid related topic. The site is intended for research-oriented patients, Long Covid researchers, and medical professionals treating LC patients.

The site is broken into 7 categories: 

  • Basics: Long Covid definition, demographics, common symptoms, and how LC effects children + teens 
  • Etiology: Proposed mechanism of action behind LC
  • Biomarkers: Potential biomarkers to diagnose LC and track condition over time
  • Treatments: Therapies being proposed and studied for the treatment of LC 
  • Related Conditions: Information on conditions that resemble LC  
  • Research Resources: LC datasets, research repositories, key research players, and ongoing research studies potentially open for enrollment  
  • Groups: Long Covid HQ community forum and support groups

    Long Covid HQ is maintained by RTHM: a Long Covid clinic and lab, offering virtual treatment.  For more information, visit: RTHM