RTHM Community
RTHM Community
Ryan Kellogg

Welcome to RTHM Community

The battle against Long COVID has just begun, and RTHM is here to let you know you are not alone!

About RTHM

It's personal to us! The RTHM founding team has worked for over a decade in the lab and in the clinic understanding and treating complex and post-infectious illness, motivated because we are patients ourselves. We understand your frustration and we know you are seeking answers and treatments for your symptoms.

Why You Should Join RTHM COMMUNITY?

Chronic illness can affect every aspect of your life. The physical effects are both emotionally and physically taxing. Debilitating symptoms may cause you to miss work and prevent you from participating in activities you once enjoyed.

This community is a safe space for people living with Long COVID to share information, help each other through the bad days and celebrate in the good.    

For a community of support and resources for the latest developments in research and treatment for Long COVID.

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